The importance of maternal healthcare.

To heal the child, treat the mother.Ancient Chinese proverb

There’s so much wisdom in the classics ?

I’ve had the pleasure of treating many, many kiddos with acupuncture & herbal medicine (boosting immunity, reducing the severity of coughs, colds, sniffly noses, helping calm eczema & asthmatic [...]

The Five Elements

The five elements in Chinese medicine are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are reflected in nature; as we rotate through the seasons and cycles of life; and in the human body. As with Yin and Yang, the five elements are separate but interconnected. They represent physically the [...]

Seven ways to make a plane trip more comfortable

Travelling is exciting – but getting there isn’t always half the fun. If you’ve ever been on a long-haul flight, you know the feeling of arriving at your destination feeling tired, grumpy and unwell. With a few simple changes, you can make your trip much more comfortable, soothing and [...]

Warm up in Winter with Chinese medicine

Take some time for self-care this winter with nourishing foods, energising movement and deep reflection.

In the philosophy of Chinese medicine, winter is considered the most yin (cool, dark, still) time of year. During winter, it’s natural for yang (warm, light, active) to retreat inward, both to protect and to [...]

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A Chinese Medicine Approach to Exercise

How to balance gentle movement and intense exercise for energy, flow and nourishment.

We all know keeping active is good for us. The rush of endorphins after exercise clears the mind, can lift our mood, makes us feel stronger and has numerous physical benefits. In the long term, regular physical [...]

Natural After-Sun Remedies

Summer in Australia brings long, warm days and more opportunities to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. From the Chinese medicine perspective, this is the most Yang time of year.

In contrast to the slower, more inward pace of winter’s Yin, our Qi moves outwards and upwards, towards the skin surface. [...]

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