Your visit

In a Chinese Medicine consultation we discuss your chief complaint in detail, assess any scans or imaging and prior treatment you may have undertaken, take a full medical history, and enquire about general health and emotional wellbeing. The traditional diagnostic practices of assessing the tongue and radial pulses are carried out at each visit. Diagnosis is especially comprehensive in order to allow for a focused and individualised treatment plan.

When it comes to treatment, emphasis is placed on restoring balance – treating health problems at their core. We will discuss a treatment plan and agree on some reasonable goals before we begin.

Treatment consists of acupuncture in combination with tui na (Chinese massage), cupping, moxibustion, and the preparation of herbal medicine (powder or pills), as required. Dietary and lifestyle advice will be given as necessary, with the goal to restore optimum health, and in the long run, prevent re-occurrence of disease.