Health on the inside

When it comes to restoring balance, digestive function is one of the keys to good health. Here’s how to use the principles of Chinese medicine to improve digestion.

Chinese medicine sees the digestive system as central to the production of usable energy in our systems. Food as medicine is not [...]

Post-run restorative bath combos

Soaking in a restorative bath infused with minerals, essential oils and herbal medicinals is a great way to relieve tired and aching muscles and quicken the recovery process after a long run.

Start with the basics: Epsom salts

Epsom salt is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. [...]

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How Chinese medicine can help boost fertility

Spring is the season of new life. Flowers bloom, plants bear fruit, and baby animals emerge. What better time then, to discuss our own reproductive health?

Current figures estimate one in six couples experience difficulty conceiving. Whether this is due to an underlying medical condition (think polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), [...]

The art of living according to the four seasons – winter

The winter months are for conservation and cultivation of energy. As the weather cools and the days shorten, go to sleep earlier and get up later. Take the opportunity to slow down. Sleep in on weekends and nourish yourself with warm and wholesome foods. A little weight gain in [...]

The art of living according to the four seasons – autumn

Autumn is the season of harvest, storage and preparation for the coldest months of the year. Crops reach maturity, leaves turn and fall, seeds, grasses and plants dry out. It is a time of transition – from the brightness and openness of summer to the relative stillness of winter.

Chinese Medicine [...]

The art of living according to the four seasons – summer

Eastern medical philosophy teaches that summer is the most Yang of the four seasons. Days are long, fruit and flowers flourish, animals and birds are busy and abundant. Continuing the surge of growth that began in spring, this is a time for expansion, activity and creativity.

For a healthy, seasonal [...]