In winter, when the weather is cold it can be difficult for us to take in enough fluid, so herbal teas are wonderful because they’re warm and keep us hydrated. At the same time, they provide some wonderful health benefits from the herbs we’re taking in with the tea.

Here are three warming teas to try…

1. Lemon, ginger and honey

This is a simple cold and flu remedy that has been used for many years to calm down symptoms including sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, chills, fever and body aches. The lemon and honey are soothing and packed with antioxidants, and the vitamin C helps fight off the cold/flu virus. Ginger is warming, so it’s great for winter colds. In Chinese Medicine, fresh ginger is part of a group of herbs that help vent out pathogens from the superficial level of the body – that surface level is where we see colds and flus entering.

2. Red rose petal

This is a really simple tea and one of my favourites as a Chinese medicine practitioner. It’s made of dried rose petals, so when you pour the water over it has a beautiful aroma, like potpourri. It’s very warming, it’s a Qi tonic, and it helps move blockages or stagnation, particularly in the middle section of the body. For women, this can be great for relieving menstrual cramps.

3. Chai

Chai is so popular, but in cafes these days it is often made with sugar-heavy syrups and powders rather than using the herbs. The herbs used in chai – like cinnamon, cloves, star anise, peppercorns, chilli, fennel – are good for warming and boosting blood circulation, and are also great tonics for the digestive system.

Watch the video below for more info…